How Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Therapy Helps Accelerate Healing After Oral Surgery

If you need oral surgery, you may have a number of questions: “Will this hurt?” “How successful is the procedure?” “How long will it take me to recover?” 

Fortunately, we’re able to offer better answers to these questions based on vast improvements in the technology of oral surgery. One such improvement — platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) — has helped to answer the last of these and provide beneficial results for many of our patients. 

At Ueno Center Dental Specialists, we offer a number of oral procedures, as well as many options to accelerate healing and improve results. One of these is the use of PRF during surgeries and repairs. 

Our board-certified periodontists, led by Jeremy K. Ueno, DMD, are committed to providing you with the very best in oral surgery technology and technique. 

All about platelet-rich fibrin

PRF is derived from your own body, making it 100% natural and much safer than many traditional options for post-surgical treatment. We create PRF by taking a small amount of your own blood, placing it in a centrifuge, and isolating the PRF itself. 

PRF is a mixture of platelets, circulating stem cells, and fibrin, which is a sort of webbing of white blood cells. At the Ueno Center, we utilize only the most sophisticated version of PRF (known as leukocyte PRF or l-PRF). This type isolates the white blood cells, making it the most effective option. 

PRF is actually a second-generation version of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and it has become widely popular around the world as an oral surgery aid. 

PRF helps heal you after surgery 

We combine the PRF with other substances such as bone tissue particles and proteins. Then we apply the PRF to the post-surgical site, where it helps rebuild gum tissue, bone, or whatever is required for healing. 

Many of our patients are afraid of the pain and discomfort following oral surgery, and sometimes healing can take quite a while. PRF helps ease the pain and speed healing, allowing you to prepare more quickly for the next portion of your treatment, if necessary. 

PRF is safe because it comes from your body, so there is little of infection. It is also very easy for us to apply, and it is prepared right beside you while you are receiving your oral surgery, making it a natural addition to the procedure itself. 

In a 2017 study of 100 patients who had extractions and were experiencing dry socket issues, the use of PRF greatly diminished pain and inflammation and even improved healing at a faster rate than without the use of PRF. 

Choosing PRF for your oral surgery

PRF is an effective aid for speeding recovery time and healing with almost no risk. In the case of dental implants, gum grafting, sinus bone grafts, or other intensive oral surgeries, PRF can help you heal safely and more effectively over a shorter period of time. 

To learn more about PRF or schedule an appointment, call our Campbell, California, office today.

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