How to Keep Your Periodontal Health in Tip-Top Shape

How to Keep Your Periodontal Health in Tip

It may be a little daunting when time comes to bring your child to the dentist. The drills, the scary toothy posters on the wall or strange procedures playing on the television in the background can be intimidating, especially for your little one. However, a trip to the dentist should not be something to avoid or be fearful of. Here are a few ways you can prep your child for a trip to the dentist.

• Read to your child: Reading to your child about dentists or the tooth fairy can help them look at dentistry in a more fun and positive light. Get them ready for a trip to the dentist by reading stories that involve the dentist and procedures. If there are no stories you can find about dentistry, make up your own and be sure to make it fun!

• Explain the importance of strong and healthy teeth: Children easily absorb and retain a lot more information when they are young. Take the time to emphasize the importance of teeth and the role they play in the grand scheme of things. Visiting the dentist ensures that their teeth are strong enough to chew the foods they love to eat (list their favorite foods) and their smiles bright for their friends and family. It is also important to teach them healthy oral habits so they are more inclined to get up on the chair.

• Set your child up for success: Avoid showing your child any kind of anxiety or fear you may have yourself about the dentist. Children tend to pick up on social cues, so if you’re worried about a trip to the dentist, they will likely be too!

Taking these steps to ensure a positive experience for your child will make future trips to the dentist enjoyable and less of a hassle as well. Give us a call today and take the next step in keeping your child’s teeth in tip-top shape! Ueno Dental Center Phone Number 408-371-7616