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Ueno Center is proud to offer one of the most innovative ways to manage stubborn gum disease through Perio Protect® Therapy. The use of highly customized trays is used to deliver specialty topical medications below the gumline where stubborn bacteria thrive. These medications work to kill bacteria on a daily basis, control inflammation and bleeding, reduce tartar build-up and minimize the need for surgery. Additionally, two side benefits of using PerioGel® include whiter teeth and fresher breath!

Since PerioGel® is hydrogen peroxide-based, there is little to no risk for allergy or interaction with other oral medications. When used as directed, PerioGel® is a powerful tool for controlling gum disease in between your dental maintenance appointments. Most cases require two 15-minute applications during the daytime. Complex cases may require the use of additional medications as needed.

Are you the right candidate for Perio Protect® Therapy?

  • People with stubborn gum disease
  • People with heart disease and stroke risk
  • People with diabetes
  • People with dexterity challenges
  • People who wish to minimize surgery
  • People with chronic inflammation
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Ask your Oral Wellness Therapist at Ueno Center to see if Perio Protect® Therapy can help you!

For additional information about Perio Protect® Therapy or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ueno, Dr. Chung, Dr. Litch and Dr. Bui, please contact us our Campbell CA office at Ueno Dental Center Phone Number 408-371-7616 or

Perio Tray Therapy for Gum Disease

What is Perio Protect?

Perio Tray Reaches Bacteria that Toothbrushes Can't