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LAPIP For Implants

LAPIP for Implants
The last 20 years has seen a revolution in dentistry, especially in the field of Dental Implants. Gone are the days where patients have to suffer with loose fitting dentures, and removable partials that cause damage to adjacent teeth. Dental Implants are here to stay and are overwhelmingly successful when placed and restored by experienced dentists and the specialists at the Ueno Center. Despite our best efforts, we are seeing more and more complications with implants as lesser skilled clinicians are now placing dental implants. One complication is a condition we call “Peri-Implantitis”. Many times, implants can get infected under the gum line, which can result in bone loss around the implant, and in some cases loss of the implant itself. Complications due to systemic disease, medications and aging can all lead to this problem. Until recently, the only treatment for an “ailing” implant was either extensive surgical repair and in most cases, removal of the implant and waiting for a new one to be placed. With the advent of LAPIP, which is a specific laser surgery procedure (does not involve a scalpel or stitches), we are able to treat the infections and arrest the disease, and in some cases regenerate new bone around the implant itself! LAPIP — which stands for Laser Assisted Peri-Implant Procedure, is the only FDA cleared laser procedure to treat ailing dental implants. In some cases LAPIP is a standalone treatment as bone regeneration can occur and your implant can be saved. In other cases, LAPIP may be used as an initial treatment to stop the infection and create a healthier site for other interventions and treatments which may include bone and/or gum grafting.

Peri-Implantitis - Lapip