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Thank you for your interest in our office. At Ueno Center Dental Specialists, Jeremy K. Ueno, Jamie Chung and Joyce Litch, Lynna Bui and their wonderful staff are excited for the opportunity to treat your oral health needs. We believe in conservative and predictable procedures in order to achieve your best treatment outcomes. Our state of the art office offers the most up to date equipment set in a relaxing and patient friendly environment. You also have the peace of mind that your doctor received their surgical training from the top universities in the world. Dr. Ueno received his surgical training at Columbia University, Dr. Chung received her training at Harvard University, Dr. Litch received her training at Indiana University and Dr. Bui receiver her training at the University of Pittsburgh.

Your Ueno Center doctors offer all aspects of periodontal treatment ranging from esthetic laser gum surgery and esthetic gum grafting via the Pinhole technique to replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. They are also very proud that they are able to offer laser periodontal surgery to their patients. LANAP (Laser assisted new attachment procedure) has many benefits over traditional periodontal or gum surgeries including shorter treatment times and little to no discomfort.