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Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery services offered in Campbell, CA

Whether you need treatment for gum disease or you’d like to improve the look of your “gummy smile,” Ueno Center Dental Specialists provides you with advanced gum surgery options in Campbell, California, serving San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos and surrounding areas. Treatments include LANAP®, a painless laser therapy to kill oral bacteria and avoid painful gum surgery. Find out if you’re a candidate for the state-of-the-art treatment by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.

Gum Surgery Q & A

Why do I need gum surgery?

Gum disease can occur when too much bacteria builds up in your mouth. This buildup creates excess plaque and infection, often leading to unhealthy teeth and gums. The bacteria in your mouth can also get into your bloodstream and cause a host of other systemic diseases, called the mouth-body connection.  The team at Ueno Center Dental Specialists addresses these issues with gum surgery to promote your lasting, healthy smile. Cosmetic gum surgery can also enhance your natural smile.

What are the types of gum surgery?

Thanks to a skilled team of board-certified periodontists, Ueno Center Dental Specialists provides you with a full range of gum surgery options to address your specific oral health issues, including a “gummy smile,” receding gums, or periodontal disease. 

Common gum surgeries at Ueno Center Dental Specialists include:

Osseous surgery

Osseous surgery is also called pocket depth reduction surgery, periodontal surgery, or gingivectomy. The goal of this treatment is to remove tartar and disease-causing bacteria from around your tooth roots.

Laser therapy

Laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) uses the advanced PerioLase® laser to kill the bacteria that cause gum disease. This painless therapy also works to remove unhealthy gum tissue and reattach healthy tissue.

Cosmetic periodontal/gum surgery and crown lengthening

If your teeth look overly long, cosmetic gum surgery improves the look of your smile by using a soft tissue graft to cover exposed tooth roots. Conversely, if your teeth look too short, you can have excess gum tissue removed to reveal a beautiful smile. 

Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™)

This minimally invasive gum surgery corrects receding gums without the use of a scalpel. Your Ueno Center Dental Specialists periodontist uses specialized instruments to make a small hole in your gum and insert donor tissue to restore your smile.

What happens during gum surgery?

Your periodontist at Ueno Center Dental Specialists tailors your treatment to your oral health issue or cosmetic goals. For example, in crown lengthening, your periodontist numbs your mouth and uses precision surgical tools to reshape your gum tissue and bone. This treatment corrects a “gummy smile.”

During osseous surgery, your periodontist numbs your mouth, then removes your infected gum tissue. They thoroughly clean your roots to remove the infection, then reshape the bone supporting your teeth to provide a healthier environment that makes it easier for you to keep your teeth clean. Your periodontist reattaches your gum tissue, suturing the tissue in place to promote healing. 

If you have gum disease or you'd like to have gum surgery to reveal a more beautiful smile, count on the expertise of Ueno Center Dental Specialists. Call the office today or schedule a consultation online.