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Laser Sulcular Debridement

Laser sulcular debridement
Laser gum procedures at the Ueno Center can also be performed by our highly trained hygienists in our Oral Wellness Department. With a significant amount of nonsurgical periodontal care already being rendered by your dental hygienist, the addition of laser to the periodontal armamentarium provides a synergistic approach to you.

If you have already been treated for your active periodontal disease and have persisting gum pockets or new gum pockets, your hygienist can use the laser to deride the sulcus or gum tissue around the affected tooth. This debridement setting can be used without the use of anesthetic and is a non-surgical intervention.

The Periolase can also be used more routinely for hygiene maintenance procedures such as laser soft tissue curettage, laser removal of diseased or infected gum tissue, and even sulcular debridement (cleaning out the pockets between the gum and tooth).

In the Oral Wellness Department of the Ueno Center, our hygienists use only the top-rated FDA approved laser on the market (Periolase MVP-7 by MDT). This is the same laser that our doctors use to perform laser periodontal surgery (LANAP or LAPIP). This is a service that sets the Ueno Center apart from almost every other office in the United States. Many offices use a laser in their hygiene department, but very few are able to use the Periolase.