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Oral Wellness Department

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Welcome to the Ueno Center’s Oral Wellness Department where your oral and systemic health comes first!

Once your primary periodontal condition is treated by our doctors at the Ueno Center, our OWD’s highly skilled dental therapists are committed to helping you keep your oral health stable and well-maintained. With all of the confirmed links between oral health and systemic diseases like stroke, diabetes, pregnancy complications, and heart attack, the Ueno Center wants to ensure that your oral health is pristine in order for you to be healthier overall – Your WELLNESS.

If you currently suffer from gum (periodontal) disease, your consultation appointment will begin in our Oral Wellness Department. Our Wellness therapists use multiple tools to assess your current condition comprehensively that will likely include a health history, specific oral measurements, digital imaging, and salivary testing. We use the latest technology from Oral DNA in order to best understand your condition. Just as a medical doctor uses blood tests to determine health measures, we use saliva tests to determine your best treatment. We consider the treatment and management of your periodontal disease a team effort. Ueno Center is committed to being your partner in keeping your teeth, gums, and overall health the best it can be.

Once all the needed information is gathered, we will tailor the best treatment plan to help you achieve optimal gum health, and therefore overall health. This treatment plan will include surgical and non-surgical procedures to stop disease and oral hygiene methods to manage your health afterward. Since gum disease can only be managed and not cured, our OWD will continually monitor for any future recurrences so that it can be addressed early. This will require a lifetime partnership between you, your general dentist and our Wellness therapists.

What to expect at the OWD:

Your periodontist at the Ueno Center will effectively treat your active periodontal/gum disease with the latest techniques available, including LANAP (Laser assisted new attachment procedure). Once your disease process is under control, you will be placed into a patient-specific maintenance program made specifically for you! Typically, you will alternate maintenance appointments with our office and your referring dentist’s office.

At each of your appointments with our OWD, the following will occur:

○ Assess your current oral health and periodontal status
○ Xrays may be taken to ensure that the surgery you had is successful at regenerating new bone
○ Your oral hygiene habits will be evaluated
○ If you have some existing pockets, our hygienists are able to go beyond your normal cleaning to aid you in attaining your oral health goals.

These value added procedures and products include

○ Laser sulcular debridement
○ Arestin
○ Perio Protect
○ Oral DNA (Saliva testing)
○ Bacteriologic testing
At the Ueno Center, we take your health seriously and [we] have designed a department to focus solely on your oral health needs. Each of our clinicians holds a high value for keeping current with research and skills to deliver the highest level of expertise, treatment and customer service to you. We want to be your lifelong partner in YOUR WELLNESS.
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More than ever, Ueno Center Dental Specialists is committed to your complete health. The current Covid19 pandemic has ushered in a new age of “superbugs,” where there are currently no proven medical treatments. However, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that the healthiest people have the highest chance of recovery. For this reason, Ueno Center has created an Oral Wellness Department Resource Center to help you achieve the healthiest life possible, beginning with your oral health. Our goals for every one of our patients are:

○ Helping you achieve the best oral health possible.

○ Helping you reduce your inflammation load.

○ Helping you age well throughout the life cycle.

○ Helping you live healthier and longer, free from medications and chronic disease.

Ueno Center has long been synonymous with cutting edge approaches to periodontal care and teeth replacement therapy. But oral health is only one aspect of complete health. Good nutrition, good sleep health, regular exercise, stress management and absence of chronic disease like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity are all very important keys to aging well and living longer. Fortunately, “living longer” does not have to mean “living longer with disease” in today’s preventive medicine model. Our Oral Wellness Department is excited to help you become the healthiest version of you possible.

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The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Health and Disease

Teeth cleaning, Diabetes and Heart Disease https://youtu.be/xJl_h14a5EU

Linking the Mouth to the Body

Oral WEllness

The mouth is the portal by which the rest of the body lives. Everything that passes through the mouth will affect the rest of the body – positively and negatively. It is Ueno Center’s priority to help our patients achieve the best oral health possible through good oral hygiene to promote aging well and living longer. When oral disease is eliminated, the best policy for ensuring long-term healing is good home care and regular professional hygiene cleanings.

Ueno Center dental hygienists are committed to helping you achieve oral wellness through:

1. Thorough dental hygiene cleanings
2. Effective oral hygiene maintenance instructions
3. Thorough periodontal evaluation
4. Early cancer screening
5. Dry mouth screening
6. Salivary diagnostics
7. Bite evaluation
8. Airway and breathing evaluation
9. TMJ health
10. Medical health screening
11. Blood pressure monitoring
12. Nutritional assays

These are the components of oral health that lead to healthy living and aging. Be sure to ask our Registered Dental Hygienists if your oral health is the best it can be.