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How PRF Can Accelerate Your Healing

May 01, 2023

How PRF Can Accelerate Your Healing

Platelet-rich fibrin (PFR) is a revolutionary treatment that allows your oral surgeon to provide you with faster healing times after dental implants or other procedures. But how exactly does it work?

After oral surgery, it takes time before you feel like yourself again. Getting dental implants, gum grafting, or bone grafting may be necessary for your long-term health, but many of our patients are concerned with the discomfort post-surgery as well as how long their healing period will last. 

Here at Ueno Center Dental Specialists, we always strive to provide you with the best treatment options available. One of these is platelet-rich fibrin, which is noninvasive and offers faster healing times for post-op patients.  

Our founder, Jeremy K. Ueno, DMD, and our other providers consider PRF to be one of the best options for healthy healing and growth post-surgery. As such, we’re happy to discuss how you can benefit from this treatment.   

How PRF treatment works 

When it comes to oral health, faster healing has been one of the most important subjects for clinical researchers. That’s why the benefits of PRF are so widely celebrated. 

In many cases, we can make PRF a part of your regular oral surgery appointment. When your procedure is finished, we draw a small amount of blood, which we then place inside a centrifuge. This process separates out the platelets and fibrinogen (the body converts this into fibrin to help clotting).

PRF is extracted from your own blood, which means it has very little chance of causing an infection. It’s also well-tolerated by most patients and offers a host of benefits, accelerated healing time being chief among them. But how exactly does this work? 

How PRF speeds up your healing process

Healing time after oral surgery is important, because despite your healing mouth, you still need to be able to do certain activities, such as eating, drinking, and performing your oral care routine. As such, a treatment that accelerates your healing process is extremely helpful.  

PRF is a matrix of fibrin, which is a protein that forms when your blood clots. Clotting occurs when you become wounded, both to prevent the loss of more blood and to stimulate healing factors. 

When you place PRF on a wound, it adds more healing factors to the wounded area and kick-starts those you already have, stimulating growth more efficiently and more quickly. 

In a recent study, patients who were given PRF treatment experienced less pain as well as “excellent” healing post-surgery when compared to a control group.

PRF is similar to another type of healing treatment: platelet-rich plasma or PRP. But PRF contains a higher platelet count than PRP as well as the fibrinogen molecules, which help speed up the healing process. 

In some cases, PRF has also been shown to provide stronger healing results than PRP. 

Heal faster with PRF after oral surgery

Going through oral surgery is no picnic, so we believe in doing whatever we can to make the process easier for you. That’s why we recommend PRF for faster healing times. 

To learn more about PRF and to find out if it would be appropriate for your oral procedure, call us at our Campbell, California, office now. We’re happy to help you.