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Why Wait When You Can Get New Teeth-in-a-Day®?

Sep 13, 2021

Why Wait When You Can Get New Teeth-in-a-Day®?

You never have to go without your pearly whites. Teeth-in-a-Day® is a popular and effective procedure that allows us to remove decaying teeth and provide you with temporary dental implants the same day.

Do you want to have multiple teeth replaced but are discouraged by having to wait months to get the crowns that will make your smile look and feel normal? 

It’s time to learn about a revolutionary treatment called Teeth-in-a-Day® and to get your smile back to its full potential. 

At Ueno Center Dental Specialists, we offer Teeth-in-a-Day as one of our many treatment options. Our board-certified periodontists, Jeremy K. Ueno, DMD, Lynna Bui, DDS, and Debra Westervelt, DDS, know how hard it is to go without your teeth, even for a short time. And that’s why we and our patients love Teeth-in-a-Day. 

The lowdown on Teeth-in-a-Day

Teeth-in-a-Day is a process in which you get temporary dental implants the same day that you have decaying or otherwise unviable teeth extracted. 

With other teeth replacement options, you might put off getting the dental work you need because you don’t want to go without the extracted teeth while you wait for the implant posts to adhere to your jawbone and your replacement teeth to arrive. Teeth-in-a-Day solves that problem.

This treatment has become more common in recent years due to a number of benefits. Not only are our patients more satisfied with the results, Teeth-in-a-Day offers other benefits like fewer surgical procedures, minimal tissue loss, and less overall treatment time. 

In addition, you get to go home the same day with a smile that looks and feels natural. 

Periodontal disease, bone loss caused by aging, and tooth decay are some of the most likely reasons you would require extraction followed by Teeth-in-a-Day.  

But how exactly does Teeth-in-a-Day work, and what does the procedure entail?  

How Teeth-in-a-Day works 

We start by taking a CT scan of your entire mouth, which allows us to do all the planning of your procedure before you show up for your Teeth-in-a-Day. 

You need to have someone drive you to our office and pick you up after your treatment because we place you under sedation. Then we place the implant posts in your jaw and attach your temporary teeth. You wake up with your new Teeth-in-a-Day, so you never have to be without your pearly whites. 

After your Teeth-in-a-Day procedure

Once the procedure is finished, you go home and rest comfortably. We put you on a liquid or soft food diet for the six weeks following your procedure. As healthy as your new teeth may look, they are temporary. You return to our office in about four months for your permanent teeth. 

Having the temporary teeth in place during your implant healing period makes you feel better and more comfortable. And although you don’t need any further treatment before we place your permanent teeth, you will need to visit us a few times during the next four months so we can ensure that you are healing correctly.

The question you have to ask yourself now is: Why wait? You can schedule an appointment as soon as possible at our Campbell, California, office. Just call today, or request an appointment online at your convenience.