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Is There a Solution for My Gummy Smile?

Jan 16, 2024

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Do you show too much of your gumline when you smile? Does this make you self-conscious? There’s a way to manage this problem with several surgical procedures, which, often when used together, can help you achieve the look you want.

Short teeth and a gummy smile are some of the complaints we often hear when asking our patients what they would like to fix about their teeth. Many people feel that a smile where the gums are more prominent than the teeth isn’t as attractive. 

If you are dealing with a gummy smile, you may think there’s nothing to be done, but this isn’t true. Gummy smiles can be managed through cosmetic periodontal procedures, and depending on your needs and budget, one may be more effective than the other.

At Ueno Center Dental Specialists, we want you to not only have a healthy smile but one that makes you feel your best. 

Jeremy K. Ueno, DMD — as well as our other providers — understands the need for a smile aesthetic that boosts your self-confidence. That’s why we offer cosmetic as well as health-related periodontal and dental procedures.

What a gummy smile is and why it causes problems 

Gummy smile is the term used for when you have gums that seem to be longer or take up more real estate than your teeth. This can also be called excessive gingival display. Around 10% of the population has this condition, and it’s more prevalent in women than in men. 

To be clear, in most cases, a gummy smile isn’t a medical issue but more of a cosmetic one. But your smile is a huge part of who you are, and for some, a gummy smile can create self-consciousness, discomfort, and even self-esteem problems. 

If you have been living with a gummy smile and noticed it affects how you feel about yourself — or even your willingness to smile naturally in front of others — it may be time to seek help. 

Your options for treating a gummy smile 

Because dental and periodontal work are often focused on the health of the teeth and gums, many people don’t consider cosmetic options for their smiles. 

But there are a number of procedures that could actually help you manage your gummy smile and get the kind of look you want for your teeth and gums. 

Gum contouring

Gum contouring is one of the first treatment options for a gummy smile, as it's the least invasive procedure available. It involves smoothing and partially reshaping the gumline to make your gums less obvious in your smile. 

Aesthetic crown lengthening 

While gum contouring can be a good option, in many cases, it must be paired with aesthetic crown lengthening. This procedure involves reshaping the gumline but also exposing more of the natural surface of the teeth. 

This is especially effective if you have a gummy smile with lots of natural tooth surface underneath. 

Bone or gum grafting

In situations where even more invasive procedures are necessary, you may require a gum or bone graft. This may be the case if you have a dental implant or implants that aren’t quite in line with your natural teeth. 

Grafts may be necessary if a loss or removal of bone or gums requires added volume for the health and longevity of your jawline and teeth. 

You don’t have to live with a gummy smile 

There are a number of procedures that can help eliminate a gummy smile, and depending on your situation, we may recommend several used together to create the look you want. So don’t wait to contact us, and don’t hide your smile any longer. 

To make an appointment at our Campbell, California, office, call today or visit us online. We’re here to help.